Eddy Huntington - Bang Bang Baby
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Evelyn Thomas - Second Best
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El Coco - Cocomotion
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Aleph - Fly To Me
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Gomez Presley - The Letter
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Big Fun (Memo Records, Bajo Licencia Gapul SA) Subido Por Pedido

Label: gapul, Memo Records
Catalog#: Memo 860
Format: Vinyl, Album
Country: Argentina
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco

Some tracks have wrong artists names.

Track List:

Side A:
A1 - Den Harrow - Future Brain
A2 - Valerie Dore - It's So Easy
A3 - Lisa - Love Is Like An Itching In My

Side B:
B1 - Zeta - Eh Ah Oh.mp3
B2 - Anthonys Game - Sunshine Love
B3 - Hot Cold - Love Is Like A Game
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Jago - I'm Going To Go (Maxi)

Label: ZYX Records – ZYX 5099
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 1983
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco

Track list

A - Jago - I'm Going To Go 5:12
B - Jago - I'm Going To Go (Instrumental) 5:00
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Mr. Zivago - Alive
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Camouflage - Kling Klang
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